Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rose Ridge Fight Looms

I finally finished my chemotherapy earlier this month and am finally getting recovered enough to tackle another "Alpian Wars" battle.

South, looking North at Roseville, with Rose Ridge on Left
After failing to break through to the Belleview Hills, the Alpian forces under General Giovanni Rossi have fallen back to a position on Rose Ridge.  Now, after some delay which allowed both sides to recover somewhat, General Maxime Murdeau leads his vile Stagonians to force Alpia from this key position.

Conflict will be east-to-west across a 5'x8' table, with two roads leading toward the Rose Ridge as well as a connecting road that leads around both ends of the Ridge.  Rose Ridge is roughly 6'x14".  The fence on Rose Ridge counts as light cover; the rail fences in the valley provide no protection, but do each subtract 1" of movement as linear obstacles.

I am unable to get enough distance to take a "whole table" photo . . . so I am providing three shots across the table from each side.  First, taken from the East, what lies ahead for Stagonia"

South (Left) of Stagonian Line, Looking West at Rose Ridge

Center of Stagonian Line, Looking West at Rose Ridge

North (Right) of Stagonian Line, Looking West at Rose Ridge

And now from Alpia's Left (North) to their Right (South):

North (Left) of Alpian Position on Rose Ridge
Center of Alpian Position on Rose Ridge
South (Right) of Alpian Position on Rose Ridge

Now all that I need to do is to let the Generals know what Brigadiers and Troops they have available and then get their OBs and Troop Positions from them and I can start.

-- Jeff


  1. so this is to be a 'stand up fight', with not so much 'arrival' movement?

  2. Glad to see that peace didn't breakout between Stagonia and Alpia