Friday, March 1, 2013

Rose Ridge -- Initial Deployment

This post will mostly be photos of the two sides' initial deployments . . . so that they can send me their orders and I can start turning cards and playing things out.

The overall goal is to be in control of Rose Ridge at game's end.  That end will be at 24 +1d6 decks.  After 24 decks it will be getting dark . . . and how long dusk lasts will be unknown to the Generals.

So let us see what we can see . . . first two views from each end of the table:

View from South looking North (Alpia on left; Stagonia on right)
View from North looking South (Stagonia to left; Alpia on right)

Now let us look at the Alpian positions as they seek to defend Rose Ridge:

Alpian Left and Center positions

Alpian Right Wing

Alpian Center, looking across at Stagonian forces on Shoe Hill

Speaking of Stagonia, here are some views of its initial position:

An "Overview" of the Stagonian Forces

A Stagonian Column heads straight for Roseville . . . what then?
Stagonian Forces on and around Shoe Hill

-- Jeff

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