Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stagonia Captures Rose Ridge

Despite an heroic defense by General Rossi's Alpian troops, General Murdeau's Stagonians have destroyed or routed all enemy units and have gained complete control of Rose Ridge, the third battle in the Alpian Wars.

Gen. Murdeau and staff have just watched Rossi flee Rose Ridge.
To his credit, General Rossi and his surviving staff were the last to leave Rose Ridge as five Stagonian units closed in on Rose House.

The decisive action took place on Deck 23 as the Lau Crossbows finished off the Izzo Pike & Shot just after their volley had destroyed the Blue Squadron of Stagonia's Jillette Chevalier.

So despite Alpia winning the opening Battle of the Crossroads, Stagonia has now emerged victorious in two straight fights (Belleview Hills and Rose Ridge).

What will happen next?  We shall have to wait and see.

-- Jeff


  1. Sorry to bother, what are those buildings you use? Very pretty little things.

    1. Kristopher,

      They are simply very inexpensive ceramic "Christmas Buildings" that you can find in all kinds of stores. However I have repainted them to cover the "snow" and "Christmas decorations" so that they will fit in for most seasons.

      Be aware that they come in a variety of scales so take a few figures along to see how they'll work. And when you find some that you like do not be afraid of buying duplicates. It is amazing how different they will look from each other with different roof colors and at a different angle.

      And, of course, this is the start of the season to begin keeping your eyes open for them. Department stores, dollar stores, etc. often have lots of them . . . and keep in mind how they will change appearance with a little paint.

      -- Jeff