Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Units Appear on Deck 13

Deck 13 was a long one and featured new units appearing for both sides.

Four Squadrons of Cavalry arrive for Stagonia
I suspect that the major surprise of the day was the arrival of Brigadier Gilbert's Cavalry.

Shortly after Brigadier Olivi's Green Squadron of the Lanzia Spezatta had charged Stagonia's La Capelle Regiment (black banner) and been shot into oblivion, four squadrons of cavalry appeared straddling the road . . . which significantly changes the dynamic in the Center.

Undated view of south end of Rose Ridge
Meanwhile, on the south end of Rose Ridge, Alpia's Xelt Regiment (red banner) revealed itself as it expanded from its position in the woods.

(note that one end of Xelt is still in the woods . . . so it might or might not have enough movement to charge).

Barely visible in the background, the Izzo Regiment (purple banner) has finally been ordered to deploy in defense of Rose House.

The Flaubert Swordsmen routing
Also noticeable is the fact that Stagonia's Flaubert Swordsmen are routing.

They were able to charge home against Alpia's Qeel Regiment but locked up and were later routed as the combat continued.  Given their current state, it is unlikely that they will rally.

But Brigadier Petit still has his Lau Crossbows and two squadrons of knights as well as another pike unit on the way.  Can Alpia survive?

Center of the battlefield
Viewing the center of the battlefield, it might look like Regiment Falcon (brown banner) is also routing but that is not the case. 

They withdrew away from the Telli Crossbows (who have shaken it with two casualties) so Stagonia's big gun can fire on the Alpian troops in the flat.

Note that you can barely see the arriving cavalry in the distance.

So, given the changes revealed in Deck 13, I now await new orders from my generals.

-- Jeff

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