Monday, March 18, 2013

Stagonia is "On the Ridge"

The great Stagonian sweep to their left has now succeeded in gaining a solid foothold on the southern end of Rose Ridge on Deck 17. 

Stagonian Crossbows & Knights on Rose Ridge
As you can see at left, both of Alpia's pike and shot units (Qeel and Xelt) have been eliminated and the Lau Crossbows (with Brigadier Petit) have led two full squadrons of knights onto the south end of Rose Ridge.

Only a light gun and the defenses of Rose House stand in their way.

True, both Stagonia's Ardant pike and shot regiment and the Flaubert Swordsmen were routed off table in taking the south end of the ridge, but it has been taken.

Alpia's Izzo Regiment faces the Lau Crossbows
A different angle show that the Lau Crossbows must now risk exchanging fire with Alpia's vaunted Izzo Regiment.

Captain Ariete's Artillery is barely visible through the trees as it faces Stagonia's Goyette Regiment (blue banner).

What lies in store for these units?  Only time will tell.

North end of Rose Ridge
On the north end of Rose Ridge, General Rossi has successfully recalled his units over the last few decks once he observed the arrival of the Stagonian Horse.

They now face four squadrons of cavalry and Stagonia's black-bannered Regiment La Capelle.

And Captain Corelli's Gun has been shaken from the accurate fire of Stagonia's Foot Artillery in the center of the field.

Stagonian right flank features Cavalry and Foot
Here (at left) is a look from the Stagonian side of the field.

The Cheveaux de Rappeneau have reached the crossroads in front of the north end of the ridge.

Not far behind them the Cheveaux Pincemail seem eager to get into the fray . . . as does the La Capelle Regiment.

What has General Murdeau intend for them?  We will have to see what he orders.

Center of the field as seen from Stagonia's side
Finally a view of the center of the field.

Rather empty, isn't it?

Currently it seems that Murdeau has planned a classic "double envelopment".

Will it work?  . . .  Again we will have to wait and see . . . time is running out.  Will there be enough daylight left to evict the Alpians?

I await the orders for both Alpia and Stagonia.  What will they do?  For that matter, what would YOU do?

Yes, if you were an aide-de-camp to either (or both) generals, what would you suggest that they do?

-- Jeff

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