Monday, March 4, 2013

Rose Ridge -- First 3 Decks

Having received orders from Generals Rossi and Murdeau, I have proceeded with the first three decks of the game:

Stagonian forces sweep to their left at battle's start
(As I look at this (and other photos), I notice that I forgot to move the artillery horses to their proper position behind their gun -- oops!)

General Murdeau began the battle with a sweep to his left and welcomed the arrival of two squadrons of knights.

He also pushed his artillery forward in the center along with two pike & shot regiments, while another moved to the right.

Another view of the Stagonian left and center
While Brigadier Petit's column advanced up the road to the hamlet of  Roseville and turned to the left, he himself sat contentedly on his favorite horse and savored the morning . . . (i.e., his card never came up).

The red-flagged Hamoncourt Regiment sits in a field behind a rail fence (which slows them down but provides no protection).

Stagonian center and right flank

Meanwhile Regiment La Capelle protects the Stagonian right flank.

At this point it appears that General Murdeau's plan is to overwhelm the Alpian right wing and then roll them up.

But it could also be a feint . . . which leaves General Rossi to decide how he will defend Rose Ridge in the face of this Stagonian move.

Alpian view of Stagonia's right and center.
The image at left shows the situation of Stagonia's right and center as seen from the Alpian center.

Stagonia's Foot Artillery out-ranges their two light guns . . . and it is well protected by the two pike & shot regiments as well as their Artillery Guards.

Alpian view of Stagonia's column on their left.

Meanwhile Stagonia's apparent sweep to the left presents General Rossi with some tough choices.

So far Rossi has held his troops in their initial positions . . . undoubtedly waiting to see what Murdeau has in mind.

Will he continue to do so?  Or will he alter his deployment?

Only time (and the next set of orders) will tell.

-- Jeff

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