Sunday, March 10, 2013

Decks 8-12 -- Rose Ridge

We are now through Deck 12 and since the last post most of what has happened is movement and lots of ineffective shooting.

Overview of situation on Stagonian left
The situation on Stagonia's left flank can be seen at left.

If Qeel hadn't been so miserable with it's shooting, the Flaubert Swordsmen would have been in bad shape . . . but they are essentially fresh (as is Regiment Ardant on their right).

Stagonian forces (right) make it onto the end of ridge.
 Perhaps not all that apparent, there is an artillery piece moving up beside the woods to help Regiment Qeel repulse the Stagonians.

Still things don't look so good for Qeel . . . it will perhaps depend upon whose card turns first.

More Alpian units sweep onto the flat
 Meanwhile, on the other side of Rose Ridge, Alpia's forces are "on the move."

General Rossi has sent yet more units onto the flat in an attempt to sweep the Stagonians away.

Regiment Hamoncourt has already routed off table.  And Regiment Falcon (brown banner) has suffered from accurate fire from the Telli Crossbows  suffering two casualties and has become shaken.

Slowly the entire battle seems to be "pinwheeling" in a clockwise direction.

So what will generals Rossi and Murdeau do next?  I will have to await their orders to find out.

-- Jeff

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