Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Decks 6 & 7 at Rose Ridge

Stagonian forces are massing on Alpia's right flank:

View of Stagonian forces from South looking North

Led by the Lau Crossbows, Brigadier Petit's column continues with the Flaubert Swordsmen and the Ardant Pike and Shot regiment.

This latter regiment has now turned to face Alpia's Qeel Regiment.

The infantry is backed up by two squadrons of the Jillette Chevalier.  And further up the road, in the hamlet of Roseville is the head of the Goyette Regiment of pike and shot.

Alpia's view of the column
From the viewpoint of Alpia's Qeel Regiment, it doesn't look good.

They face three units of foot and two squadrons of knights.

True, they have the advantage of height . . . but will their morale hold against such odds?  Or will they get any help from farther along the ridge?

Time will tell.

The Alpian left comes off the ridge
 But look!

Alpia's Telli Crossbows have emerged from the woods on the Alpian left and moved off of the hill.

And behind them Brigadier Olivi leads a pair of squadrons of the Lanzia Spezatta down off of Rose Ridge.

Where are they headed?

Stagonian center and right look to be vulnerable
With the massive move to  Stagonia's left, their center and right appear to be vulnerable.

But pike and shot regiments are not necessarily easy prey.  They can bite and bite hard.

Perhaps it is a feint designed to divert forces back into the middle . . . or perhaps the plan is to take out the right and center, then roll up the rest of the Stagonians.

But will they have enough time?  Can Alpia reinforce their right in time.  What will happen next?

Once orders are submitted, the cards will turn and the dice will roll . . . and the story will be told.

-- Jeff

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