Monday, November 26, 2012

Big Alpian Push

Well our fourth deck was decidedly in favor of Alpia.  Key cards for Stagonia were left in the last four in the deck when the "Turn Over" card appeared.  Failing to appear were the "Artillery" card and those of his Crossbows, Regiment de la Forquest (green banner) and his forward Brigadier (Arnoux).

View from North
Meanwhile, Alpia's Zuff Regiment was able to move not only on its card, but on those of General Rossi and Brigadier Franscioni (who is attached) . . . and were able to reach the south end of the hill.

In addition, Regiment Izzo charged the shaken Stagonian Ardents and routed them from the Village . . . giving them a second "casualty marker" as well.

View from West
As can be seen in the image to the left, Alpia has also managed to begin to position its reserves.

(Note:  the crossbows outside the center building and the figures outside the northern building are actually "inside" those buildings . . . so while it may seem like the crossbows are in range of Utti regiment, they are actually beyond long range.)

The Hill
It currently looks a bit doubtful that Stagonia will be able to get its Field Gun unlimbered and firing before Zuff arrives . . . but events might change that.

Certainly one piece of good news is that the Colonel of Regiment Goyette (blue banner) made a speech which has inspired his regiment to do all it can for the Stagonian cause . . . (an Event Card gives them a +1 on their dice rolls for the rest of this battle).

Cavalry Standoff in the South
 At the south end of the village, the two cavalry brigades each remained stationary.

Are they in charge reach?  There is doubt on both sides.  It is close . . . but not a sure thing.

So, for now, they both seem content to hold their positions and await instructions.  It did seem that General Murdeau had dispatched a courier . . . but his horse stumbled and no more was seen of the rider  . . . (couriers move 3d6" but if a doubles are rolled, they don't make it . . . he rolled 1,5,5 and so died).

What will happen on the next set of moves and card turns?  We shall have to wait and see.

-- Jeff

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  1. Interesting rule on couriers - failing to get through if duplicates appear on 3D6s. You wouldn't want to hang the outcome of the battle upon any message carried by one! Even if the recipient were only a foot away I estimate the chances of a courier getting through at little better than 50-50. Your battlefields are perilous places, sir, for peripatetic purveyors of personal epistles.