Saturday, November 24, 2012

Deck 2 -- Stagonia Dominates

One of the things that can happen in a "deck driven" game, such as "Victory Without Quarter" is that sometimes one side can get a big run of cards and then have the "Turn Over" card appear.  Such happened with Stagonia on this turn.

The first seven cards drawn were all Stagonian including their C-in-C and two forward brigadiers.  In fact there were a total of 9 Stagonian cards, two Alpian cards (one of which couldn't be used) and an Artillery card (for both sides).

Northern View
 At left is a view of the village from the north.  The only change for the Alpians is that their Light Gun limbered up and moved to the south.

Before that happened, the Stagonians had managed to deploy inside two "buildings" (actually representing the "soft cover" of a number of smaller houses, gardens and shops).

The troops are actually inside those buildings, not outside of them.  Regiment Ardent took a shot at Alpia's Izzo Regiment but failed to cause a casualty marker . . . but the next card was a "Reload" card so they didn't lose anything by it.

Southern View
 In the south, Stagonia managed to get all of its cavalry deployed and in line as well as allowing Brigadier Gilbert to catch up with them.

On the Alpian side, the Cianti Regiment was able to deploy into line but that was it.  However there is sufficient room for the Asti Spumonte Regiment to expand next to them.

View from the East
Perhaps most troubling to Alpia is the fact that both Stagonia''s Field Gun and the de la Forquest Regiment (Pike & Shot) seemed poised to gain the hill sooner rather than later . . . well depending upon the draw of the card deck.

While the Alpian's Light Gun can do two "actions" in a turn (such as limber and move), the Stagonian's Field Gun can only do one of four things on the Artillery Card:
  1. Move
  2. Unlimber
  3. Shoot
  4. Limber
 However it does have better range.

We shall now wait to see what happens next.

-- Jeff

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