Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This is a blog to follow the fictional 16th century conflict between two Imagi-Nations.  These being the Duchy of Alpia and the Duchy of Stagonia.

I will be fighting the battles solo due to the extreme fatigue I am suffering due to chemotherapy treatments following cancer surgery.  However many of the command decisions will be made by some fellow gamers on opposite sides of Canada.

Ross Macfarlane of the "Battle Game of the Month" blog will be directing the Alpian forces; while Murdock of "MurdocK's MarauderS" will be directing the Stagonians.

I will be using Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" ECW rules . . . with a few modifications.

My intention is to open with a simple five-battle "mini-campaign" . . . but it might take me quite a while to actually get through it . . . I'm seldom awake for more than a couple of hours (and usually less) and the fatigue is crushing so I don't know how long I can actually focus on the table top.

-- Jeff

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