Thursday, November 22, 2012

Enemy in Sight

While contact is a turn or two away, the forces of Stagonia and Alpia are now within sight of each other.

View from South -- Brigadier Lombardi to Southwest
As you can see, the cavalry of Alpia's Brigadier Lombardi is approaching the Crossroads from the southwest (seemingly unopposed at present).

However north of the village there seems to be a looming confrontation.

 The following photo shows a view from the North where Stagonia's Brigadier Arnoux seems to be in a race with Alpia's Brigadier Franscioni to occupy the village.

View from North -- Brig. Arnoux vs Brig. Franscioni
 Who will win the race?  It will depend upon the various orders that the units have and the order in which cards are drawn.

In any event it appears that there will be conflict between these two adversaries quite soon.

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-- Jeff

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  1. I await the forthcoming action with great interest...
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