Friday, November 23, 2012

Big "First Deck"

Wow!  This was the first "Deck Move" of the battle . . . earlier was just march moves.  And the "Turn Over" card (which ends the turn in Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" rules . . . even though we are using them "out of period" by a century and with a pair of Imagi-Nations instead of the ECW combatants).

So much much more happened than I expected.  But that's good because we are now much closer to combat beginning.

Southern View
As you can see from the photo at left, Alpia's Cavalry have reached the hill . . . but Stagonia's Cavalry has suddenly appeared to their front.

Alpia's brigade is led by Brigadier Paulo Lombardi and consists of the Asti Spumonte Regiment (nearer the village) and the Cianti Regiment (on the Hill).

Stagonia's cavalry is led by Brigadier Maurice Gilbert and consists of the Cheveaux de Rappeneau (in column) and the Cheveaux de Pincemail (in line).

Village View
Stagonia's Vanguard has reached the Village.  They have not however actually deployed into the various buildings and gardens there.

The three buildings each actually represent a number of houses, shops, gardens, etc..  Each "building" represents the space that a foot regiment can occupy.  It counts as "soft cover" in the VWQ rules.

Brigadier Jacques Arnoux has led the Ardant Regiment (pike & shot) into the northern most "building" and directed his Lau Regiment of commanded crossbows into the central building.

Northern View
Finally a view of the Village from the north.  The Alpians have formed Brigadier Luigi Franscioni's brigade into Line.

It consists of the Izzo Regiment (purple flag closest to Village) and the Zuff Regiment (green flag to Izzo's left).

The Alpian's Light Gun has unlimbered behind Izzo . . . with Brigadier Flavio Buffo's Picanti Swordsmen Regiment leading his brigade close behind the Gun as General Giovanni Rossi looks on.

So the next turn or two should be interesting ones, I should think . . . depending upon what orders my players issue  . . . and how the turn of cards works out.

-- Jeff

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  1. Good work on getting this going Jeff. Next best thing to being there.