Thursday, December 13, 2012

After Some Marches

For the pre-battle march sequences I do not use the "Victory Without Quarter" action deck.  Instead I presume that all units in each column will follow at their instructed speed unless ordered differently.

Columns About to Collide . . . Maybe?
As you can see, the Alpian Crossbows (moving 12+1d3" on the road) and the Stagonian Pike & Shot (moving 8+1d3" on road) are both approaching the Southern bridge.

So I will be asking my online generals what they will be ordering their troops to do.

Yes, it is very early in the game . . . and nothing else seems to be in any sort of imminent contact . . . although the cavalry leading the Alpians on the north road are not all that far from the north bridge if they move with speed.

Southern Bridge looking North
Here is another view of the situation, looking North.

Perspectives can be a bit funny.  It does appear that the Crossbows have a better chance of reaching the crossroads first

But their following Pike & Shot unit and that of the Stagonians are at fairly similar distances.

What will these generals do?

Alpian Columns Marching West
At left you can see at left, the pair of Alpian columns are moving west.

The northern (left) column seems to have a lot of banners and units which the Stagonians recognize . . . but that southern column (on the right) does not have any recognizable units yet.

What does this mean?

Probably reinforcements, eh?

Stagonians Marching South and looking East
But wait . . . isn't that a unit of knights just coming into view?

Indeed it appears that perhaps Stagonia has some reinforcements also.

(One of the joys of a campaign with somewhat limited units is that "history" grows with each battle . . . and rivalries grow . . . and the Generals become more attached to certain units . . . and indeed I've already seen that beginning to happen.) 

-- Jeff


  1. Seems I didn't properly suss the situation when I made mu earlier suggestions. For some reason (can't think why, offhand) I thought the defenders would get to both bridges first. That need not be a bad thing if he can stiil gather enough force at the second bridge in time to strike an enemy divided by the river/creek/Chickahominy Swamp...

    An interesting situation is building up that's for sure!

  2. I like the way you have depicted that swampy watercourse, Jeff. Very neat.

  3. The problem with any visual 'check' of distances is that the CARDS dictate whether or not you will move or shoot or do anything in any one turn.

    There exists the very real potential to be left doing nothing for many many turns (this has happened to me before) so I make no plans based on the relative distances .... every time I do I end up beat by the turn of the cards.

    The thing to see here is that this is a GAME and not a SIMULATION.

  4. 'A good general,' observed Napoleon Bonaparte, 'is one who knows just how much to leave to chance.'

    Different games and rule sets have different emphases of course. Even in the face of chance, risk and uncertainty - I presume these are the guiding principles, and not caprice - one has to make decisions, as readers were invited to do. Even unfamiliar with the rule set, my suggestion would be my preferred option, but it would have had to be made in the light of what might the consequences be if for some reason it could not be carried out (something I had not fully considered).

    Certainly adds an intriguing dimension to decision-making. It would be as appropriate in simulations as in games, it occurs to me...