Sunday, December 30, 2012

5 Decks, 2 Brigadiers Done

Over the Holidays I managed to play 5 "decks" of the "Bellevue Hills" battle . . . although two of the decks were super-short and none of them very long.  Nevertheless, a great deal happened near the southern bridge . . . including the loss of another brigadier.

Southern Bridge (from ESE) at end of Deck 12
Deck 9 started well for Stagonia with their Jillette Knights charging and destroying Alpia's Zuff Pike & Shot regiment and carrying on into the Utti regiment (which was caught in Open Order).

Subsequently however a superb shot (six hits on 6 dice) by the Xelt regiment  wiped out the Stagonian Artillery Guard.

But the Goyette P&S unit in the north countered by wiping out the Yellow Squadron of the Asti Spumonti Cavalry.  Again Alpia countered with their Izzo Pike & Shot causing a casualty to the Jillete Knights and Xelt routing the Stagonian's blue gun crew.

Bridge from South
By the way, the amber dice on units (as seen at left) signifies "Shaken" status; and the black disks the number of "Casualties".

In Deck 9, Alpia's Blue Battery, commanded by Captain Ariete, was charged and destoyed by the Brown Squadron of Stagonia's Pincemail Cavalry.  Unfortunately the Red Squadron failed to rout Alpia's Xelt regiment when they rolled miserable dice, ending up locked in melee.

From the West -- End of Deck 12
While Deck 9 was short, Decks10 and 11 were super-short with a total of only three cards turning before the "End of Turn" showed up.

Deck 12 was much more eventful.  Alpia's Izzo unleashed a nasty volley that dissolved the Blue Squadron of the Jillette Knights and killed Brigadier Marcel Bizot in the process.  Another volley from them halted the charge of the Jillette's Purple Squadron.

Northern Bridge (looking South)
 Meanwhile the Pincemail Cavalry's Red Squadron pushed Xelt back, shaking it with a casualty as well.

Alpia's Utti countered by causing a casualty to Stagonia's Brown Squadron of the Pincemail Cavalry, shaking it.

Finally the turn ended with the Jillette's Purple Knights charging the Izzo Pike & Shot.  Unfortunately although they had a strong advantage, they rolled poorly, while Xelt rolled very well resulting in the destruction of the knights, opening up the center of the woodline.

Current status of each side's forces:


General Geovanni Rossi:
  • Lanzia Spezatta -- orders have finally arrived (Fresh)
Brigadier Paulo Lombardi -- joined Cianti's Lavender Cavalry
  • Asti Spumonti Cavalry -- Orange (fresh);  Yellow Squadron gone
  • Cianti Cavalry -- Lavender shaken, 1 casualtyBlue Squadron gone 
Brigadier Luigi Franscioni:
  • Utti Pike & Shot == open order, fresh
  • Izzo Pike & Shot ==open order, 1 casualty
  • Zuff Pike & Shot == gone
  • Qeel Pike & Shot == line, fresh
  • Picanti Swordsmen -- line, shaken, 1 casualty
Brigadier Sebastiano Olivi:
  • Xelt Pike & Shot == shaken, 1 casualty
  • Yarp Pike & Shot == rallied into line, 1 casualty
  • Telli Crossbows --gone
Artillery Batteries:
  • Capt. Corelli's Battery -- in North, fresh
  • Capt. Ariete's Battery -- in South, gone


General Maxime Murdeau

Brigadier Louis Petit:
  • La Capelle Pike & Shot -- in West, moving south to center, fresh
  • Goyette Pike & Shot -- on road, fresh
  • Forquest Pike & Shot --on road, 1 casualry
Brigadier Marcel Bizot -- dead:
  • Jillette Knights -- gone
  • Pincemail Cavalry -- in far South; Brown shaken, 1 casualty; Red 1 casualty
Brigadier Eugene Delage (dead):
  • Hamoncourt Pike & Shot -- routing toward Bellevue Hills, 2 casualties
  • Ardant Pike & Shot -- gone
  • Lau Crossbows --  gone
Artillery Batteries:
  • Blue Artillery  --  gone
  • Artillery Guards  --  gone
  • Red Artillery  --  gone

So now it looks like the "treeline defense" won't hold . . . so what will Stagonia do?  Look for the answer in the coming year.  And I wish you all a most wonderful and happy New Year.

-- Jeff


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