Friday, December 14, 2012

Decks 1-3 Go Alpian's Way

Now that there's been some "contact" between the marching columns, I've switched over to using the "Victory Without Quarter" card deck . . . and while most of the first three decks (two of which were short ones) were devoted to maneuver, they definitely favored the Alpian forces.

Telli Crossbows Shoot Ardent & Shake Them
The first (and so far only) shots of the battle were fired by Alpia's Telli Crossbows (in open order) against Stagonia's already weakened Ardant Pike & Shot (yellow banner).

They got five hits (one more would have eliminated Ardant) causing a second casualty marker (it still had one from the Battle of the Crossroads).

And unfortunately this has caused Ardant to go shaken (they rolled a 4 on their morale check).

South Bridge Looking North
As you can see at left, the next few decks will be critical since units in March Column cannot charge they need their cards or their Brigadier's card to show up so they can change formations (which will also allow them to shoot). 

By the way, there is no "reload marker -- the powder barrel) next to the Telli Crossbows because the reload card turned up two cards later.

Stagonian Southern Column
The small orange die on the Ardant Regiment indicates it is "shaken" (you shake dice, right?).

Fortunately one of Stagonia's replacement units, theHamoncourt Regiment (red banner) is well positioned to expand if its and/or Brigadier Delage card turns up.

The next unit in line is that of the Lau Crossbows who performed well at the Crossroads until the overly-cautious Brigadier Arnoux pulled them out of the center of the village.

More Stagonian enter from the North
 More Stagonian units including both mounted and artillery continue to enter from the north.

The purple and blue knights (nearer the bridge) are the Jillette Chevalier Regiment, under the command of Brigadier Marcel Bizot, as are the Pincemail Cavalry just west of them (whose Red Squadron still carries a casualty marker from the Crossroads.

Right behind them is General Maxime Murdeau and his artillery train . . . and there is more dust behind them.  On the far side of the treeline can be seen the beginnings of more Alpians.

The Alpian Forces Entering the Action
Examining the photo to the left gives a long-range view of the two Alpian columns.

Are there more troops yet to come?

Stagonia is too far away and the forest is blocking the view in any event.

(And I just noticed that some trees have fallen down . . . I will have to fix that.

So now it is time for Generals Rossi and Murdeau to update any orders they wish to change now that they've seen what has happened.

-- Jeff

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