Monday, December 3, 2012

Five Decks Played

I've played Decks 13-17 and (except for Falcon's abysmal shooting) they seemed to favor Stagonia this time.

Deck 13 started with "Turn Over".  Deck 14 had one cav card, then "Turn Over" . . . so two very quick turns in.

Then Deck 15 opened with the Stagonian C-in-C, General Murdeau, who repositioned some units, ordered some ineffective shooting and moved into the woods to the south toward the cavalry.  He sent a courier with orders for Brigadier Gilbert . . . but the poor fellow hit his head on a tree limb, was unhorsed and failed in his attempt.  A few cards later and the "Turn Over" card appeared again.

Deck 16 saw Izzo retire into the village . . . and then "Turn Over" again.  Through four Decks only eight non-Turn Over cards appeared  . . . and most of those had little effect.

View from North
Deck 17 was different.  It started with the "Reload" card, then the Artillery card . . . which resulted in Falcon going Shaken.

Next was an "Event" card, with the next brigadier being able to give two orders to each of his units within 6".  This turned out to be Stagonia's Brigadier Delage.

First he ordered de la Forquest to wheel and fire on Qeel, which caused one casualty marker (5 hits) and Qeel going Shaken.  Then he had de la Forquest move into charge range (although their subsequent volley was ineffective)..

Delage then managed to rally Falcon back to steady (but they still couldn't seem to hit Utti with their shooting).

View from South
Alpia's Utti regiment was able to cause a casualty to the 1st squadron of the Cheveaux de Pincemail, who failed their morale roll and shook.  But then General Murdeau's card came up again.  He was able to change the orders of Cheveaux de Rappeneau and advance them into charge reach; and instructed Brigadier Gilbert to join the Pincemail cavalry which just managed to rally them.

At the end of the turn, de la Forquest charged Qeel . . . and, while failing to give them another casualty marker, did beat them which resulted in Qeel failing another morale check and routing off the field.

So both sides are now on the brink of losing over 50% of their forces . . . and the action moves to the South.

== Jeff

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