Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decks 6, 7 and 8

Three decks worth of moves?  YES!

Well the first deck was two cards long . . . the Alpian C-in-C and "Turn Over"; and the next deck was only six cards long . . . but Deck 8 ran all the way through with "Turn Over" being the bottom card in the deck!

View from North
Looking from the north, it might not look like a lot has happened . . . but there has been lots of shooting and Regiment Zuff (green banner atop hill) now has two casualty markers . . . although fortunately the attached Brigadier Franscioni saved both times).

Yes, that means that Stagonia finally got its Field Gun in operation.  Alpia's Swordsmen ran the Stagonian Artillery Guard off but have taken a casualty from Regiment Goyette (blue banner).
View from South

Alpia's Izzo Regiment (purple banner) has come out of the northernmost set of buildings and has traded casualty markers with Regiment de la Forquest (green banner with white stag).

Regiment Utti (middle building) may look like it too has advanced, but it is currently occupying that set of buildings.

To the east you can see the still shaken remnants of Stagonia's Ardent Regiment . . . and just east of it Brigadier Arnoux has finally managed to rally the routing Lau Crossbows.

View from West
Looking west you can see another perspective of the current situation after eight decks.

There are no photos of the two cavalry brigades facing each other because that situation remains static . . . both sides just out of charge reach and awaiting any orders to move up and charge.

While Alpia currently holds two of the three objectives (southern hill and village) and is contesting the northern hill, the sides are really rather similar in their status in regard to casualties . . . and things could easily change quickly.

  • Zuff -- 2 casualies
  • Izzo -- 1 casualty
  • Picanti Swords -- 1 casualty
  • Ardent -- 2 casualties & Shaken
  • de la Forquest -- 1 casualty
  • Lau Crossbows -- 1 casualty 
So now it is time for David and Ross to send me any new orders . . . and for you to wait for another update.

-- Jeff

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  1. VWQ always give an enjoyable game.

    Looks splendid too.

    Thanks Jeff