Friday, December 21, 2012

Coming Through the Woods

Decks 6 & 7 have been played.  The over-riding theme of these two turns was the Alpian army trying to force its way through the woodline.

Alpia breaks through the woods in South
While Stagonia has checked them in the North, Alpia has forced its way through in the South after some violent clashes resulting in units dissolving and/or routing on both sides.

In a series of volleys, Alpia's Yarp and Stagonia's Hamoncourt shot each other up causing casualties and shaken conditions with Hamoncourt eventually routing; then Yarp doing the same thing shortly after when hit by the Lau Crossbows.

Speaking of Crossbows, the Tellies again distinguished themselves before finally being dispersed by Lau.  Alpia's Xelt Pike & Shot shot up Lau in return, dispersing it and killing Brigadier Eugene Delage, who had joined the Crossbows.

Stagonian North Holds the Line
Meanwhile, in the North, the Stagonian units ordered to proceed South (towards top of photo) had to respond to the units coming through the woods rather than giving them their flanks to hit.

The Forquest Pike & Shot (green banner) shattered the Cianti's Blue Squadron, dispersing it, causing the Lavender Squadron to shake with a casualty.

So at the end of Deck 7 both sides had lost their Crossbow units; Alpia looked likely to lose the rest of the Cianti Cavalry; and each side had a Pike & Shot unit routing (Xelt & Hamoncourt -- neither likely to rally).

Alpia's Knight continue to wait for orders
Far behind the lines, Alpia's Knights, the Lanzia Spezatta, continue to wait for orders.

Couriers were dispatched in Decks 5, 6 and 7 . . . but each time they rolled doubles (on 3d8) and so failed to arrive.

Will they get into the fight?  Perhaps, perhaps not . . . time will tell.

So while things look good for Stagonia around the North Bridge, they have little to stop Alpia in the South.  Two Squadrons of Pincemail Cavalry (not visible in photos) guard the far southern flank along with the Light Artillery piece in the center, plus Brigadier Bizot, who has joined the Jillette Chevalier (knights) look to be all that can currently stem the southern tide . . . although there are some more troops (most notably La Capelle -- black banner) moving in a southerly direction.

Here is a summary of the current situation:


General Geovanni Rossi:
  • Lanzia Spezatta -- awaiting orders (Fresh)
Brigadier Paulo Lombardi:
  • Asti Spumonte Cavalry -- Yellow Squadron 1 casualty; Orange (fresh)
  • Cianti Cavalry --  Blue Squadron gone; Lavender shaken, 1 casualty
Brigadier Luigi Franscioni:
  • Utti Pike & Shot == open order, fresh
  • Izzo Pike & Shot ==open order, 1 casualty
  • Zuff Pike & Shot ==line, 2 casualties
  • Qeel Pike & Shot ==open order, fresh
  • Picanti Swordsmen --open order, fresh
Brigadier Sebastiano Olivi:
  • Xelt Pike & Shot == open order, fresh
  • Yarp Pike & Shot ==routing, 1 casualty
  • Telli Crossbows --gone
Artillery Batteries:
  • Capt. Corelli's Battery -- in North, fresh
  • Capt. Ariete's Battery -- in South, fresh


General Maxime Murdeau

Brigadier Louis Petit:
  • La Capelle Pike & Shot -- in West, moving south to center, fresh
  • Goyette Pike & Shot -- on road, fresh
  • Forquest Pike & Shot --on road, 1 casualry
Brigadier Marcel Bizot -- joined to Jillette:
  • Jillette Knights -- guarding center, fresh
  • Pincemail Cavalry -- in far South; brown fresh; red 1 casualty
Brigadier Eugene Delage (dead):
  • Hamoncourt Pike & Shot -- routing toward Bellevue Hills, 2 casualties
  • Ardant Pike & Shot -- gone
  • Lau Crossbows --  gone
Artillery Batteries:
  • Blue Artillery -- in South, fresh
  • Artillery Guards -- with Blue Battery, fresh
  • Red Artillery --in North, fresh
I'm not sure that my generals will have much to change, but I will see what they say before I turn another deck or two.

-- Jeff

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